Extrusion dialog-box

Use the Extrusion dialog-box to edit the properties of the Extrusion element.

Use Add Profile and Add Auto-Profile[s] to add the Profile element. MechDesigner also adds the Extrusion element.

Arrow-DWThe Profile and Extrusion Elements in the Graphic-Area

Profile element:

Profile Contours, and Sketch-Loop for MechDesigner Solid

To add a Profile, select a sketch-loop3s.  The Profile becomes a child to the same Part.

The Profile element has two contours. The two contours are the same shape as the sketch-loop.

Profile contours:

Primary Contour1s-red
Distance from Mechanism Plane = Part-Offset + Extrusion-Offset.
Secondary Contour2s
Distance from Primary Contour = Extrusion-Depth.

Extrusion Depth can only be a positive number.

Extrusion element:

Extrusion Element

The Extrusion element is the child to the Profile element

The Extrusion element is the Solid extrusion1s-red between the Primary and Secondary Contours.

Extrusion elements have properties: Density, Colour, Opacity, Graphics Quality.

We calculate Mass, Inertia and Centre-of-Mass from the:

the shape of the sketch-loop
the distance between the Profile Primary and Secondary Contours - the Extrusion-Depth
the Density parameter in the Extrusion dialog-box
Arrow-DWTo open the Extrusion dialog-box

Double-Click the Profile Contour to edit the Extrusion.

In the graphic-area [Mechanism-Editor]:

1.If necessary, spin the view with your keyboard arrow keys to see the two Profile Contours.
2.If necessary, hide the Solid extrusions so that it is easier to see the Profile elements.
Use Tools menu [or toolbar] > Show Model in the Mechanism/
2.Double-click a Pink Profile contour that is NOT coincident with the sketch-loop - see image to the left.

If the Extrusion dialog-box does not open, try to open it in the Selection-Window or the Assembly-Tree - see below.


In the Selection-Window:

1.Click a Pink Profile contour in the graphic-area
2.Right-click the Extrusion element in the Selection-Window
3.Click 'Edit Element' in the contextual menu.


In the Assembly-Tree:

Expand the Assembly-Tree elements to see the Extrusion element - see image to left

1.Right-click the Extrusion element.
2.Click 'Edit Element' in the contextual menu.

The Extrusion dialog-box


There are three separators in the Extrusion dialog-box.

Extrusion Parameters
Colour, Opacity and Quality
Mass Properties





3s Sketch-Loop


The distance to the 2sSecondary-Contour from the 1s-redPrimary-Contour, along the 4s+Z-axis of the Part.

The parameter must be positive.


The distance to the Primary-Contour relative to the Part-Offset.

MechDesigner adds the Extrusion Offset to the Part Offset.

The parameter can be positive or negative.


Use to move all of the Profile/Extrusions relative to the 3ssketch-loop.

The parameter can be positive or negative.


1s-redPrimary Contour Offset from 3ssketch-loop = Part Offset + Extrusion Offset


To edit the general display of the Extrusion.

'Solid is Visible' / 'Hidden' check-box

You can toggle between 'Visible' and 'Hidden'.

1.Click the check box to show the Extrusion


1.Clear the check box to hide the Extrusion


1.Click the button to open and select a colour in the Windows® Colour Picker

Opacity / Transparency

Drag the slider to change the Opacity (or Transparency) of the Extrusion in the graphic-area.

This applies only to the visibility of the Solid in the Model-Editor

Graphics Quality -  Slider:

Drag the slider to change the Quality of the Extrusion in the graphic-area.

Note: If the Extrusion has 'facets' when it should be a smooth arc, then open and immediately close the Part-Editor to edit the sketch-loop that is the 'seed' of the Extrusion element.

See Also: Application Settings | General


We use the Density parameter to calculate the Mass and Inertia parameters.

Material Density

Read / Write


Read only

Mass = Density * Area of Extrusion * Extrusion Depth

The center-of-mass of the Extrusion is a function of its shape. The shape is defined by the sketch-loop.


Read only

Inertia is calculated with respect to the Centre-of-Mass.

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