Parameter-Control Function-Block dialog-box

Use a Parameter-Control FB to 'dynamically' control the dimensions of sketch-elements and Extrusion Depth and Extrusion-Offsets of a Solid.


Parameter-Control FB dialog-box


Tools menu (or Toolbar) > Add Parameter-Control Function-Block (FB)

What for:

Use motion-values at the input-connector of a Parameter-Control FB to:

control the value of a dimension in a sketch
control the Extrusion Depth of a Solid*
control the Extrusion-Offset of a Solid*

* The model will be very slow if the Solid has many facets. For example, a Circle/Cylinder when the 'image quality' is set to 'high'.

What to do:

STEP 1: Add a Parameter-Control FB to the graphic-area, in the usual way:

2.Click in the graphic-area.

The Parameter-Control FB is now in the graphic-area.

3.Connect a wire to its input-connector

STEP 2:  Open the Parameter-Control FB dialog-box

Open it with one of the usual procedures. For example:

1.Double-click the Parameter-Control FB in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree

- or -

1.Click the Parameter-Control FB in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree so that it shows in the Selection-Window
2.Right-click the Parameter-Control FB in the Selection-Window
3.Click Edit element in the contextual menu

The Parameter-Control FB is now open.

STEP 3:  Use the Parameter-Control FB


About the Parameter-Control FB

1s-red Enabled / Delete element

To make the FB active,

1.Click the check-box to put a check in the box - see image.

To delete an element,

1.Select an element in one of the boxes, below,
2.Click the 'cross' to delete it.

2s Controlled Parameters' separator - click to expand to show the control boxes below.

There are two boxes for selected elements. The top box has the actual elements whose dimension are controlled by the FB.

Top box : When you click a dimension, it shows immediately in the 'top' box.

Bottom box: When you click a Profile element, two elements show in the 'bottom' box. You can select one or the two of these element to transfer them to the 'top' box.

When they show in the 'top' box they will be controlled by the FB.

3s Driven Parameter :

The name of the dimension, whose value is driven by this Function-Block.

The name of Extrusion-Offset or Profile.

4s Solve Element :

A Part when the 'Driven-Parameter' is a dimension.

An Extrusion when the 'Driven Parameter is an 'Extrusion' or a 'Profile'

5s Control-Action :

The actual action taken by the FB

'Update dimension' when the 'Driven Parameter' is a 'dimension'

'Update extension length' when the 'Driven Element' is a 'Profile'

'Rebuild Solid' when the 'Driven Parameter' is an 'Extension'.


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