Gearing FB dialog-box



Add Gearing Function-Block (FB)

What for:

1.To apply a simple linear function to motion-values at the input-connector according to parameters as set in the Gearing FB.
2.To edit these three Parameters in a simple linear equation

The 'Function' of the Gearing FB is:

Output = 1r*(Input +3r) + 2r

Identical in form to:

y = m.x + c


Add before Gearing-Ratio

Parameter 3s is a constant which is added to the motion-value at the input-connector.



Multiply the result of : [Input Motion-Values + 'Add before Gear-ratio'3s] by the Gearing-Ratio1s-red

You can enter the Gearing-Ratio parameter1s-red in one of two ways.

As a:

Real Number
Enter any number (Irrational and Rational)1s-red

- or -

Rational Number [See the Rational Gear separator 4s ]

To do this, you enter two numbers5s, exactly like the number-of-teeth on a DriveR-Pulley and DriveN-Pulley.

You can enter a negative number of teeth, also.


The Gearing-Ratio can be a positive or negative number. When using the 'Rational Number' option, enter a negative number-of-teeth, to make the Gearing-Ratio negative.
The Gearing-Ratio cannot zero [0].


Add after Gearing-Ratio

Parameter 2s is a constant which is added to the result of : [Input value + 'Add before Gear Ratio'3s] × Gearing-Ratio1s-red

How to add:

1.Click the Gearing FB in the Function-Block Toolbar.
2.Click again in the graphic-area to 'place' the FB in the graphic-area.

The Gearing FB is now in the graphic-area.


How to Edit a Gearing FB:

Double-click a Gearing FB in the graphic-area to open the Gearing FB dialog-box.

See image to the left.

Ratio and Phase separator

Gearing Ratio: Multiply Input Value with a Number:

Enter a Real or Integer Number. For example 1.5462

Add after Gear Ratio

The FB will multiply the input by the Gearing Ratio, then add this number to give the motion-value at the output-connector

Add before Gear Ratio

The FB will add this number to the motion-value at the input-connector, then multiply by the Gearing Ratio

Rational Gear separator 4s

Irrational Number / Rational Number radio buttons.

Irrational Ratio: Enter Gearing ratio at top of dialog - any real number.

Rational Ratio: Use the Input Pulley4s and Out Pulley5s boxes

Enter integer numbers - similar to teeth on pulleys.


The default parameters do not change the motion-values
Use a Gear Ratio of '-1' to reverse the direction of a Crank.
Connect a Gearing FB to the input of a Motion FB to change the number of times you complete the Motion in one Machine Cycle.
Connect the output of a Motion FB to the input of a Gearing FB to change the amplitude of the motion.

See Also:

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