Point-Data FB dialog-box


Point-Data Function-Block (FB)


Function-Block menu (or Toolbar) > Add Point-Data Function-Block (FB)


Function-Block toolbar > Add Point-Data Function-Block (FB)

What for:


To get a Point's motion-values. The Point must be a child to a kinematically-defined Part.

The three output-connectors give, with respect to the Mechanism Plane, the Point's:

X–axis motion-values
Y–axis motion-values
Magnitude of the Point's motion-values*

The magnitude of the motion-values are equal to:

o√(X2 + Y2) with X and Y

Each output-connector has three channels: position, velocity or acceleration values

* Motion-values are the Point's Position, Velocity, and its Acceleration.

STEP 1: Add the Point-Data Function-Block

1.Click the Point-Data FB in the Function-Block Toolbar.
2.Click again in the graphic-area to 'place' the FB in the graphic-area.

The Point-Data FB is now in the graphic-area.

Point-Data FB - Open

Point-Data FB - Open


STEP 2: Open the Point-Data Function-Block

1.Click the Point-Data FB in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree one time

The Point-Data FB should be in the Selection-Window

2.Right-click the Point-Data FB In the Selection-Window
3.Click 'Edit element...' in the contact-sensitive menu.

- or -

1.Double-click a Point-Data FB in the graphic-area

- or -

1.Double-click a Point-Data FB in the Assembly-Tree
Point-Data FB - Point in selection-box

Point-Data FB - Point in selection-box

STEP 3: Add the Point to the selection-box

1.Click a Point in the graphic-area.

If the incorrect Point is in the selection-box, then:

1.Click a different Point in the graphic-area.

When it is difficult to select the correct Point or when Points are superimposed:

1.Click the superimposed Points so that they all show in the Selection-Window.

In the Selection-Window:

2.Right-click the Point you want to be in the selection-box
3.Click 'Discard all other Elements' in the contextual menu

The Point will now be in the selection-box.

STEP 4: Close the Point-Data Function-Block

1.Click the 'OK' button , the 'green tick', to close Point-Data FB.

How to Use:

You can connect the Point-Data FB

1.To a Graph FB so that you can plot the motion-values of Position, Velocity and Acceleration of the Point in the X and Y–axis directions.
2.To the input-connector of a Golden FB in another kinematic-chain. The motion-values from the Point-Data FB become the independent variable, rather than a Linear-Motion FB.



To plot the X or Y position, velocity and acceleration of a Point in the same graph.

1.Drag a wire from the same output-connector of the Point-Data FB three times to three different input-connectors on a Graph FB,
2.Use the Y–axis display options in the Graph dialog-box to display all motion derivatives.

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