Master Machine Angle [ MMA ]


The Master Machine Angle [MMA] 'beats the drum' and is the reference angle for all kinematically-defined chains.

The Master-Machine-Angle has a range of 0 – 360. It represents one Machine Cycle.

MechDesigner evaluates the position [as well its velocity and acceleration] of each Part in each kinematically-defined chain to be a function of the value that is in the data box6s and its kinematic mathematical functions.

The position, velocity and acceleration values are 'evaluated' with kinematic equations. They are not 'interpolated' from other values.  This is important.

Home the Master Machine Angle.

The Revs and the MMA become zero when you use Run menu (or toolbar) > Home

Cycle the Master Machine Angle

When Run menu (or toolbar) > Cycle command is active, the:

RED arrowhead 5s, below the GOLD MMA Slider Scale4s, moves at a constant rate from 0 to 360, again and again.
Digital Readout 6s Read/Write data-box gives the exact value of the MMA.
Revs box 9s gives the number of times the MMA has completed one Machine Cycle.

Edit the Master Machine Angle

When Run menu (or toolbar) > Cycle command is not active, the Machine is not cycling. It is then possible to evaluate the value of the MMA in two ways:


To move the model with the Master Machine Angle to an exact Machine Angle:

Enter with your keyboard any value in the Digital Readout Read/Write data-box6s to move the MMA to exactly that Machine Angle
Click the top left or right arrow button in the Spin-Data Control to step the MMA by one increment forward or backward - as defined by the spin-increment.
Hold your mouse-button-down on the Spin-Data Control button to increase or decrease the MMA, with steps as defined by the spin-increment.


To edit the Master Machine Angle approximately:

1.Move your mouse pointer inside the GOLD Master Machine Angle Slider4s.
3.Drag your pointer to the left or right

The Red Triangle5s moves to the left or right as you drag your mouse.

All kinematic-defined chains move instantly to the MMA as you drag your mouse.

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