Forces menu and Toolbar

Use the Forces menu and toolbar to calculate, display, apply, configure and report 'Force and Torque' at Joints, Points and Cams.

We calculate kinetostatic forces. Kinetostatic forces are a consequence of parts that move with the motions given to them with MotionDesigner. Kinetostatic force analysis is a 'static equilibrium problem'. We apply Newton's laws of motion to the mechanism at each step in a machine cycle.

If you add a servomotor and gearbox then these will also follow the motions exactly. The torque to drive the kinematic-chain must also increase, because the motor and gearbox have their own inertia and friction.

See: Kinetostatic Torque And Speed dialog-box, for more information, and to select a Servomotor and Gear-box.


'Forces' is the generic term we use for: kinetostatic forces at Pin-Joints, Drive Moment and Torques at Pin-Joints, Linear Forces to drive Slide-Joints, Cam Contact Forces and Spring Forces. We use 'Drive Torque' for the torque a rotary motor needs, and 'Drive Force' for the force a linear motor needs.

See Also Tutorial 13

Forces Toolbar

Forces Toolbar - kineto-static force calculations

                     The Forces Toolbar

Forces menu


Calculate Forces


Display Forces


Force-Data FB


Spring Force or Linear Motor Function-Block


Configure Power Source

See Also: Force Vector Scale and Torque Vector Scale

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