Part-Editor: Geometry menu

In the Part-Editor, use the commands in the Geometry menu and Local-Toolbar and the Geometry Constraints toolbar to add and edit sketch-elements .

Geometry Local-Toolbar [also called the Part Local-Toolbar]: to the left of the graphic-area.

To add and dimension sketch-elements.

Constraints toolbar is above the graphic-area.

To add different constraints to, or between, sketch-elements.

hmtoggle_folder0         Geometry Part Local Toolbar


Edit Part

Import SolidWorks sketch

Add Dimension

Add Point Sketch-Element

Add Line Sketch-Element

Add Circle Sketch-Element

Add Arc Sketch-Element

Add CAD-Line Sketch-Element

Add Blend-Curve Sketch-Element


Add Spline Sketch-Element

hmtoggle_folder0        RULES in the Part-Editor

To edit a dimension:

1.If necessary, de-select 'Add Dimension' [that is, to add a dimension, Add Dimension cannot be active].


2.Double-click the arrowhead of the dimension or dimension or extension lines [ that is, do not double-click the dimension number].


Blue: sketch-elements are under-defined.
Black: sketch-elements are fully-defined.


Sketch-elements are the same color as the Part-Outline:

Green: sketch-elements are green if the Part-Outline is Green.

Blue: sketch-elements are Blue if the Part-Outline is Blue.

TOP-TIP: Use CTRL+Z (Undo) or the Delete button.

For example:

If one or more sketch-elements 'disappear', then CTRL+Z , possibly again and again.
If a sketch-element is black, and it should be blue, delete the sketch-element, and add it again.
If an angle dimension will not increase to be greater than 180º, then delete the dimension, move the sketch-element, add the dimension again.
If a dimension gets 'stuck' at 0, (angular or linear dimension) delete the dimension, and add the dimension again.

To Fix a Point: use the Lock & Specify check box in the Point Vectors and Position dialog-box.

It is not possible to use the Lock and Specify check box if the point has any another constraint.

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