The Help menu


Open 'Local' Help

MechDesigner opens the 'Local Help when you select 'Contents'.

MechDesigner.chm is the 'Local Help' file.

See Internet Download Help File


Open 'On-line' Help

MechDesigner opens the 'Welcome Page' of MechDesigner Help on the internet.

The Web-Help is usually the most up-to-date.

Edit Language Database

You can use the database to edit most of the command names and hints, in English and Italian.

It is is best to contact PSMotion to discuss your needs before you change database.

Always make a backup copy of the Database Folder before you edit it.

The Folder is called DBase, and it is in the MechDesigner installation directory.


Toggle Hints

Use to show 'tool-tips' to appear next to your mouse-pointer.

Click to 'Toggle Off'
Click again to 'Toggle On'


Open the 'MechDesigner About' dialog-box.

You can find the:

release of MechDesigner
information of your Graphics Card
installed SOLIDWORKS Type Libraries

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