Add Dimensions to Element Row boxes


Summary: Add dimensions to each Element Row in the Design-Set:

1.Open the Design-Set dialog-box
2.Edit each Part that has dimensions you want to add to the Design-Set
3.Add the dimensions to the Design-Set

To the left, the 'Coupler' is open in the Part-Editor.

We will add the dimensions,1s-red2s3s4s, shown in the image, to four different Element Rows in the Design-Set.

IMPORTANT: You cannot edit a dimension in the Part-Editor or a Motion-Dimension in the Mechanism-Editor when they are in the Design-Set.


To link Dimensions1s-red2s3s4s [see image] to different Element Rows:

1.If necessary, click the Padlock DesignSetPL to UNLOCK the Design-Set. The icons become colourised.
2.Click the Element Name1s-red box so that it turns sky blue - see left. The Element Row is now active.
3.In the Part-Editor graphic-area, click on the arrowhead of a dimension.

The element name of the dimension replaces 'Element name' 1s-red

For example, the Element name becomes the dimension name: 'CamRoller-Left'

The dimension value shows in the Property Value box2s. It may ber a negative value!

The next Element Row becomes sky blue - it is now the active row.

4.Do Steps 2 and 3 again, and again, as required.

The dimension-line,extension lines and dimension-value of each dimension you add to the Design-Set become Grey. They become 'Driven-Dimensions'.

Be careful. Make sure the correct Element row is sky blue before you click a dimension in the graphic-area.

When the Design-Set is complete :

5.LOCK the Design-Set. again - click the Padlock iconDesignSetPL.
6.Close the Part-Editor.

You do not need to close the Design-Set. If you do close it, you can open it again.


Add one more dimension to the Design-Set.

We will add a Motion-Dimension, that you can see in the Mechanism-Editor.

1. then UNLOCK the Design-Set
2.Click the 'Add a new Element Row' icon in the Design-Set toolbar.
3.Click the arrow-head of the Motion-Dimension1s-red, 75.00° - see image.
4.LOCK the Design-Set.


BEFORE you click a dimension in the graphic-area, make sure the correct Element-Row and Element-Name is sky blue.


See Step 7.4. but not add any more to the Design-Set.


After you click the Motion-Dimension, the Motion-Dimension FB icon in the graphic-area changes.

You can only edit its value in the Design-Set.

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