What is a Design-Set?

A Design-Set is a group, or set, of dimensions and parameters that you can edit together in one dialog.

This means you do not need to edit them separately, each with their own dialog.

See also: Design-Set dialog-box


Tools menu > Add Design-Set


Tools menu (or Toolbar) > Add Design-Set Tool

What to do:

1.Click Add Design-Set in the Tools menu or toolbar.
2.Click in the graphic area.

The Design-Set tool is now in the graphic area, and the Assembly-Tree.

What to do next:

Edit the Design-Set to add dimension and parameters

1.Double-click the Design-Set icon

- or -

2.Click the Design-Set icon, so that it shows in the Selection-Window

In the Selection-Window:

3.Right-click the Design-Set element
4.Click 'Edit element...' in the menu.

The Design-Set dialog-box opens.

See Design-Set dialog-box




A.You can add to the Design-Set dialog-box:
Dimensions used for sketch-elements in ANY Mechanism-Editor
Parameters in Function-Blocks
Parameters in the Gear-Pair dialog-box.
B.When you add a dimension or parameter is in the Design-Set, you can edit the dimension value ONLY in the Design-Set.

To indicate to you that you cannot edit the dimension, the its dimension and extension lines become grey.

When you use more than one Design-Set Tool, it is good practice to rename each Design-Set element.


C.If a Motion-Dimension has been added to the Design-Set, then in the graphic-area, Motion-Dimension icon changes

See image for the

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