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Use the 'Contact us' link to request a download. Please give some details of your design requirements. We will create an account for you.

Release 12 General Permissions / Rights to Run MechDesigner:

You MUST have Administrator Rights to Install AND to run the First Time

After the first time, you do not need Administrator Rights.

tog_minus        Step 1: Download MechDesigner 12+.X.YYY.ZIP; Extract MechDesigner.EXE


The 'Login/Register' link is to the right-side of the PSMotion 'Home' page.


STEP 2: Click 'Login/Register'
Login with Username or Email, Password and Captcha
Login with Username or Email, Password and Captcha
STEP 3: Enter Login details
Enter your Username or Email
Enter Password
Enter Capcha


STEP 4: Click My Account


STEP 5: Click 'File downloads'
If you cannot see the ZIP file in your account, please email us.
If you can see the ZIP file, but you cannot download it, please email us.




STEP 6: Click under the Filename column
'MechDesigner_TRL_X_X _XXX  .

If these is more than one file, then click the most recent.

PSM-Domain-Login-Save File

STEP 7: Click 'Save File'.

Do NOT use 'Open with'.

After the ZIP file is on your computer:

STEP 8: Extract the executable file from the ZIP file.



STEP 9: Double-click the extracted MechDesigner File.


You are asked for a Password. We have emailed it to you.

This is NOT the Product Key. It is an extra layer of security to protect the zip file.

STEP 10: Please wait 5-10 seconds - we are checking if you have a different installation.
Click to Expand/ Collapse
Click to Expand/ Collapse

'Suspicious Network Activity'!!! 

Sometimes your Virus Checker or Firewall will identify MechDesigner.exe, or similar files, as suspicious activity.

STEP 11: Please 'Allow this instance' or 'Always Allow' so that the installation can continue.


The Installation will begin.


The Installation form may minimize' to your 'Taskbar'. Click the MD icon in your taskbar to open the form again.

tog_minus        Step 2: Install MechDesigner as a Trial Installation


We recommend you accept all of the default settings from this point in the installation.




STEP 1: Click Next


Select Applications Folder

Select the installation folder.

If possible accept the default folder.





STEP 2: Click Next



Select Programs Menu Folder

This is what you will see when you run MechDesigner from the Start Menu and the Folder in 'All Programs'.

Please accept the default options.



STEP 3: Click Next



Ready to Install

This is a summary of the choices your have made.





STEP 4: Click Install in the 'Ready to Install' dialog











STEP 5: Watch and Wait.



STEP 6: Click Finish

Now, you must run MechDesigner from 'Windows > Start > MechDesigner'


Prgram Compatibility Assistant

If this windows form shows, then:

Click 'This program installed correctly'.





Now, you must run MechDesigner from 'Windows > Start > MechDesigner'


tog_minus        Step 3: Launch: Register as a Trial, and Register with CopyMinder

Now, you must run MechDesigner from 'Windows > Start > MechDesigner'

When you launch, or run, MechDesigner the first time, you must register with CopyMinder, the license control system from Microcosm Ltd, our Software Protection Partner.


A product registration screen appears.

It asks you what license you have or want.

You have three options.

Configure as a standalone program
Configure as a trial
Configure as a network client

You should only 'Configure as a Trial' when you download a Trial, or Demo.

If you try the others it will not work. I promise.

STEP 1: Click 'Configure as a trial'
STEP 2: Click OK


If you see a Firewall Alert, then please select 'Allow Always' or 'Allow this Instance'.


You may see an error at this stage.

For example if you have installed before, or your PC cannot see the internet.

If you see an error, then make sure your PC can see the internet, or, please get in touch.


The next stage is for the Program to communicate with CopyMinder database.

The program will request permission to connect to the Internet for registration.

Microcosm (CopyMinder) publish their privacy policy which is accessible if you click the Privacy Policy Button.



STEP 3: Click OK


CopyMinder will try to connect to the CopyMinder website to let you to register your installation.



When the communication is established, you must fill in some details.

The registration form should be completed with your contact information.

Even if you install as a trial version, your licence agreement will not be valid unless you provide contact information.

Provide a valid email address.

A verification email is sent to this email address.




STEP 4: Fill in the required information
STEP 5: Especially the Email Address
STEP 6: Click OK


A message tells you that you are about to receive an email. You are told that you need to click the link in the email to verify the email address.

STEP 7: Click OK

PSMotion are also sent an email for their records.


You are sent an email to that address.

The email is from

If you cannot see it in your in-box, look in Span, Junk etc.

STEP 8: Open the email



STEP 9: Click the Link in the Email




You are told that you have now verified your email.

Your personal details have been logged with CopyMinder for PSMotion Ltd.

We or Microcosm do NOT share this information with anyone.

tog_minus        Step 4: Run FIRST TIME: Run; CopyMinder checks you have Registered


Click the MD TRL Program.


The first time you run properly, CopyMinder checks that the Product Key matches the PC you have registered with.


Again, CopyMinder uses the internet to complete the check.


Your Virus Checker may block some 'suspicious activity'.

If this is the case, MechDesigner will not run until you restore these files from your Virus Checker Quarantine.



For Norton, I look in my Recent History and the SONAR Activity.

Common Problems and Errors with CopyMinder Software Protection.

CopyMinder Errors:

Error 7


There was a problem connecting to the CopyMinder website.

The error usually appears with a second number (the extended error), e.g. 7/12029. The extended error number is a Windows specific error number. A full list of these errors is provided by Microsoft here:


Check your computer can access the internet ok, specifically and We also have and as backup servers, but access to these shouldn't usually be required.

Specific Extended Errors


This means a connection to our server could not be established. This can be due to the internet connection being down, or the presence of a web proxy on the network which is blocking access to our servers. In the latter case please ensure the proxy is either reconfigured to allow access or bypassed completely.


This extended error has been seen to occur with the "Untangle" firewall product when it is configured to block direct connections by IP address. Untangle must be configured to allow direct connections by IP address.

tog_minus        NORMAL RUNNING: Occasional Internet Checks


Click the MD TRL Program



CopyMinder check up on the Product to make sure it is still on the same PC etc.



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