Release 12: General Permissions/Rights to Run MechDesigner:

You MUST have Administrator Rights to Install AND also to run the first time.

Then , you do not need Administrator Rights.

Download a New Release or Upgrade

To find if you have the most recent release of MechDesigner installed.

1.See Help menu > About
Version 12-2-350

Version 12-2-350

Note down the 'Version'. 12.2.350

Version is '12'; Release is '2'; 'Build is '350'.

You need to find if there is a ZIP file in you web account that is greater than any of these three numbers.

2.Login to your MechDesigner account at:
3.Click File Downloads.
4.Compare the name of the most recent ZIP file with your current installation.
5.If necessary, download the ZIP file to install and upgrade.
6.Email us to obtain the password to unzip the file.

MDLogo1_100x100Installation Information

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