Active Motion Settings

Edit Toolbar : Active Motion Settings

To open the Active Motion Settings dialog-box

1.Click Edit toolbar > Active Motion Settings.
Active Motion Settings dialog-box

Active Motion Settings dialog-box

There are four tabs in the Active Motion Settings dialog-box.

The Motion tab has three orange separators.

Click the orange separator to 'expand' and reveal the parameters.

For example, the separators in the image to the left are:

Motion Name
Motion Cycle Data
Motion Units

The four buttons at the bottom of the Active Motion Settings dialog-box are:

'Save as Defaults' button: ['Defs' is 'Defaults'].

Use this button to make the changes become the new 'Default' Active Motion Settings.

'Load Defaults' button:

After you click the 'Save As Defs' button, you can reload the same settings immediately.

'Cancel' button

If you click this button then changes do not become active, and the dialog-box closes.

'OK' button

Make the new settings become the active settings.

Note: The Active Motion Settings become the default settings when you save a model and then exit MechDesigner.

tog_minus        Motion                                  

Edit Toolbar : Active Motion Settings - Motion tab- Motion rename

Motion Name separator

Motion Name [Read / Write]

1.Enter a new name with your keyboard.
2.Press the Enter [also called 'Return'] key on your keyboard.

Edit Toolbar : Active Motion Settings - Motion tab- Motion Cycle Data

Motion Cycle Data separator

Number-of-Steps [Read / Write]

The number of points along each motion graph.

MotionDesigner also evaluates motion-values at ANY value of the X–axis

See also Sweep Display dialog-box, Data Transfer

Cycles / Min: [Read Only]

Edit this value in MechDesigner

See MechDesigner > Edit menu > Machine Settings

Seconds / Cycle [Read Only]

Seconds / Cycle = 1÷ Cycles/Min

IMPORTANT: 'Cycle/Minute' [MechDesigner] and 'Motion-Width' [MotionDesigner]

If you want to make a machine cycle have a motion where the X-axis units are based on time, then edit the Cycles / Minute in MechDesigner > Edit menu > Machine Settings to give the Seconds/Cycle equal to the duration of the motion, or the Motion Width.

For example: If you want a cycle time of 1200ms (milliseconds), then enter (60*1000)/1200 = 50 Cycles/Minute.

Then, if you change the X–axis units to msecs, one cycle will equal 1200msecs, and not 1000msecs.

Edit Toolbar : Active Motion Settings - Motion tab- Motion Units

Y Position Units: Units
Y Velocity Units: Units/sec
Y Acceleration Units: Units/sec/sec
Y Jerk Units: Units/sec/sec/sec

Motion Units separator

X–axis Units:

Units available:


Y–axis Units:

Units available:


Note: The scale of the model does not change when you edit 'Units'.

For example: 90mm becomes 0.090m or 3.543inches.

tog_minus        Advanced                            


Master Parameters separator

The settings for the X–axis. The parameters are a function of the Motion Units.


Slave Parameters separator

The settings for the Y–axis. The parameters are a function of the Motion Units.

tog_minus        Number  Format                        


Number Output separator

Number Format




tog_minus        Accessibility                          


Motion Colors separator

Click a button next to the colour to open the Windows Colour Picker®

Line: the colour of the plot that is not the Selected-Segment
Grid - the colour of the vertical and horizontal 'Grid-Lines'
Selected Line
Background - the colour of the graph space
Overlay - the colour of the Overlay Trace.

Note: Bug: Occasionally, after a 'crash', the background colour becomes black. To correct:

1.Start MechDesigner again
2.Make the colour changes to the Background colour
3.Click Save as Defaults button at the bottom of this dialog
4.Save As: the file in MechDesigner
5.Exit MechDesigner
6.Start MechDesigner


Sizes separator

Line Thickness

The thickness, in pixels, of the lines in the graph plot.

Maximum Line Thickness = 8

Symbol Size

The symbols in MotionDesigner are the triangles that represent the Blend-Points.

Maximum Symbol Size = 8

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