Edit the Y-axis motion values of a Blend-Point

Terminology Reminder:

'Active Segment' is the Segment with the RED ◊ 'diamond' symbols at the start and end.
'Previous Segment': the segment that is immediately to the left-side of the Active-Segment.



Use the controls and data-boxes in the 'Y-axis values' separator to edit the motion-values at the Blend-Points that are at the:

Start of the Active-Segment

- and the -

End of the Active-Segment


Each Blend-Point has four[4] motion-derivatives: Position, Velocity, Acceleration and Jerk.

The bottom of the image to the left show the 'Control-Buttons' for the Position motion-derivative.

Whether you can edit a particular motion-derivative is a function of:

Motion-Law  - see Motion-Laws, and Motion-Law Selector

The Three[3] Control-Buttons


1-R-RED Boolean: 'Do Blend'* or 'Do Not Blend'

Note: 'Blend' is to make the motion-values at the:

'End of the Previous-Segment' = 'Start of the Active-Segment'.

Thus, in this case, the motion-value = 70mm.

It is controlled by the 'Start-Position' motion-value2s

2-R-Red   'Start Position

The motion-value at the 'Start of the Active Segment' = 70mm

3-R-RED   'End Position'

To edit the motion-value at the 'End of the Active-Segment' = 30mm

* Other terms for 'Blend' are 'Match' and 'Flow'.

Three[3] Control-Buttons for EACH Motion-Derivative


1s-red Blend...

If active, to make the motion-values at the

End of Previous Segment = Start of Active-Segment.

2s 'Start....' ...of Active-Segment


3s 'End'... ... of Active-Segment


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