Beware - when you edit the Segment-Width, the Motion-Width also changes. Thus, if you edit the Segment-Width, you must also edit the Segment-Width of at least one other segment.

Use the Segment-Width control in the X-axis values separator, to change the duration of the Active-Segment.

'Duration' may be machine angle: degrees, radians; or cycles; or time: milli-seconds or seconds.

You cannot edit the actual X-axis value at the 'Start' or 'End' value of the segment.  You must use the 'Next' or 'Previous' buttons to edit each Segment-Width of each segment.

Use the Blend-Point Editor to edit the actual X-axis values of each Blend-Point.



The 'Segment-Width' in the image is 90º.

If you edit the 'Width', you will move the Blend-Point at the end of the Active-Segment.

The X-axis values 'Segment Start' and 'Segment End' are Read-Only.

The units for the Segment-Width are the same as the X–axis units

If you want to keep the overall Motion-Width at 360º then you must also edit the Segment-Width of a another segment. Alternatively, use the Blend-Point-Editor.

See also: Segment Editor: Range, and Segment Editor: Parameters

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