Get Complete Motion Data


'Get' each motion-point of the active motion and put the data into the Data Transfer table.

You must show the graph of each motion-derivative that you want to list in the table.

The 'units' will be same as set in the X–axis Units and Y–axis Units boxes in the Motion form of the Settings dialog-box.
The number of data columns includes the X–axis data as the first column (which is equivalent to the cam-angle or time) PLUS the data for the graphs on display at the time you use this function.

The Motion Data has up to 5 columns:

X is the X–axis data.
'Pos' is the Position data.
'Vel' is the Velocity data.
'Acc' is the Acceleration data.
'Jer' is the Jerk data.

If you do not show a motion graph (P,V,A or J), then the data for that graph will not transfer to the table.

see also: Get Segment Data, Get List Data, Put List Data

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