About Element References

It is helpful to consider some convenient terminology:

Elements are objects we add to the model.

When we come to add elements, it is often the case that we must select one or more 'other' elements that are already in the model - we call the element the 'other' elements: Reference Elements.

Reference-elements are those elements that may need to be be in the model before we can add a new element.

To delete an element, ...

If you want to delete a Reference-element you may also delete those elements whose existences are dependent on the Reference-element.

A pop-up warning will list those elements that you will also delete in addition to the Reference-Element.

Thus, it may be useful to review the relationships between elements before you delete an element.

Reference-elements may prevent you deleting an element, before you delete any dependent-elements or other reference-elements.

The Reference Elements dialog-box


To open the Reference Elements dialog-box

1.Click an element in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree

In the Selection-Window

2.Right-click the element
3.Click Show element references


Reference-Elements of a simple source-element:

A CAD-Line:

Its reference-elements are:

a Point at each end of the CAD-Line.


Reference-Elements of a more complex source-element:

A 2D-Cam

Its reference-elements are those elements that:

are in the model before you can add the element [a Profile and a Part [ which is also defined by the Points at the end of its CAD-Line].

AND its Reference-Elements are those elements that:

you add to the model using the 2D-Cam element [ e.g.: we might add a Polyline to the 2D-Cam]

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