About Element References

It is helpful to consider some convenient terminology:

Source-Element is an element that we add to the model.

Reference-elements are those elements that must be in the model, without which the source-model can not exist.

If you delete a source-element, you may also delete its reference-elements.

A pop-up warning will list the reference-elements you will delete in addition to a source-element.

Thus, it may be useful to review which are the reference-elements before you delete a source-element.

Reference-Elements dialog-box


To open the Element references dialog-box

1.Click the element in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree

In the Selection-Window

2.Right-click the element
3.Click 'Show element references'


Reference-Elements of a simple source-element:

A CAD-Line

The reference-elements are

a Point at each end of the CAD-Line.


Reference-Elements of a more complex source-element:

A 2D-Cam

The reference-elements are those elements that

are in the model before you can add the element [a Profile and a Part, which is defined by the Points at the end of its CAD-Line.]
you add to the model using the source-elements [in this case we use the 2D-Cam to add a Polyline].


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