Forced-Closed and Form Closed Cam-Types

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Forced-Closed and Form Closed Cam-Types

Force-Closed and Form-Closed Cam Types

An important requirement of a design is to make sure the cam and cam-follower bearing are always in contact.  

There are two designs that make sure there is contact between the cam and the cam-follower: Force-Closed and Form Closed.

Note: This topic shows cam types with Cam-Roller Bearings, only.

hmtoggle_folder1        Force-Closed Cams

hmtoggle_folder1        Form-Closed Cams

Cam-Bearing Shapes

* Cam-Bearings are nearly always circular - and given the name Cam-Roller - and they usually roll. However, other shapes are possible. In this topic we use the term cam-bearing for the element that should remain in continuous contact with the cam.

Cam-Bearings can have a number of different shapes, each with advantages and disadvantages.

The Cam-Bearing is a child to the Cam-Follower. The Cam-Follower may be a swinging-arm-follower or a translating-arm-follower.

hmtoggle_folder1        Typical Cam-Profile Shapes for Swinging-Arm-Followers