Click Merge Point to merge two Points into one Point.

You must Merge the start-Points with end-Points of adjacent sketch-elements to add a sketch-loop or sketch-path.

It is much easier/efficient to use the Hover Technique to Merge-Points as you add the sketch-elements.


Toolbar :

Part-Editor : Geometry Toolbar

Menu :

Part-Editor : Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Merge-Points

To Merge-Points

1.Click Geometry-toolbar > Merge-Points
2.Click a Point, start-Point, end-Point, centre-Point
3.Click a different Point, start-Point, end-Point, or centre-Point
4.Click the graphic-area

You may need to exit the Part-Editor then edit the Part again.

Use Merge-points for:

Sketch-Loops: for Profile elements
Sketch-Loops: for Motion-Paths, Belts, motion Guidance.
Gear-Trains: between different Line-of-Centres
Pulleys: between the centre-Point of an Arc and a Line to add a Driving Pulley.

Add Coincident Constraints for construction geometry

See also: sketch-path, Add Coincident Constraint.


You CANNOT do Merge-Point command to merge a Point with the Origin of an Added-Part (the CAD-Line's start-Point)
You CAN, however, merge a start-Point or end-Point of a sketch-element if you 'drag to' or 'drag from' the Part's Origin, (CAD-Line's start-Point)
If you merge three Points to become one Point, you have a 'Branch-Point’. A sketch-loop cannot have a Branch-Point.

Merge-Point in the Graphic-Area, Selection-Window and Geometry-Tree.




In Selection-Window &




Two different Points at the end of sketch-elements.

Click a Point and then a different Point. One Point is deleted (Compare with CoincidentPtoP), and the sketch-elements move together.

A Point




Two Coincident Points

A Point and the Coincident constraint is deleted

A Point




As you add a new sketch-element (Line, Arc, Blend-Curve), 'hover' above a Point at the end of an existing sketch-element, then drag to add the new sketch-element.

A Point – rather than two

See sketch-loops.


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