Step 7.1: Add a Design-Set to the Assembly-Tree

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Step 7.1: Add a Design-Set to the Assembly-Tree

Add a Design-Set to the graphic-area


STEP 1: Add a Design-Set FB to the graphic-area

1.Mechanism-Editor: Click modeling-FB toolbar > Add Design-Set  ( above graphic-area )


2.Mechanism-Editor: Click the graphic-area

The Design-Set FB is now in the graphic-area and the Assembly-Tree.

Rename the Design-Set to indicate its design intent. - e.g. Pressure-Angle

3.Mechanism-Editor: Click the Design-Set FB in the graphic-area - the Design-Set FB should be in the Selection-Window.

4.Right-click the Design-Set in the Selection-Window

5.Click Rename element in the contextual-menu

6.In the Rename dialog-box, enter Pressure-Angle , the Enter key, and click OK-tiny-13-17 to close the Rename dialog-box

If necessary, to see the name Pressure-Angle above the Design-Set FB in the graphic-area,

7.Do Edit menu > Application-Settings > Graphics tab > Display Options > Show Function-Block Captions and click the check-box.

Save your model.