Even though there have been tremendous advances in servo control in recent decades, cams are still important machine elements. There are many designs that cannot be replaced by servomotors.  Cam mechanisms are often preferred by designers on account of their apparent simplicity. Experienced design engineers know, however, that cam mechanisms are not always as simple as they seem. Considerable theoretical understanding is needed in order to get the best from a cam mechanism and avoid its premature failure. Cam systems that appear to be identical can perform differently. Thus, those manufacturers of machines who have the 'knowledge' will be able to offer to the market machines that operate at higher speed and with greater reliability, lower maintenance costs, at the same capital cost.

This section helps you understand how design decisions profoundly influence [make a large difference to] the cam-system's overall performance.

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Wear and Rolling Contact Fatigue.
Materials for Cam Manufacture - coming soon

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