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Mechanism | Add Conjugate Cam FB

Add Conjugate Cam FB

See Conjugate-Cam dialog-box

tog_minusAbout Conjugate Cams

Why do we need to add the Conjugate-Cam FB ?

When there is a Cam in one kinematic-chain and one Follower in a different kinematic-chain, we can assign the Power-Source to the Cam. Then, we can calculate the Contact-Force for the complete machine-cycle.

When there are two Cams and two Followers in a Body-Closed Cam system, we use a Conjugate-Cam FB when the force analysis is important. We use it to calculate the Power-Source correctly, as the Power-Source can move from one Cam to the other and back again, in one machine-cycle.

2D-Cam : Related Elements

The commands, elements, and dialogs that relate to 2D-Cams are:


Add 2D-Cam

... optional ...



Edit 2D-Cam dialog-box

STEP 2A                  

Add Cam-Data FB


Edit the Cam-Data FB to link the FB to a 2D-Cam.  

Close the Cam-Data dialog-box and do 3A and/or do 3B.

If there is a Conjugate-Cam:

Add Conjugate Cam FB - see below


Cam-Analysis (with Graph FB)


Edit the Cam-Data FB again. Calculate Cam-Coordinates

IMPORTANT : Cam Contact-Force and Contact-Stress, Cam-Life, Roller-Life

To analyze Cam-Force and Cam Contact-Stress, the power-flow between the cam-part and the follower-part must be correct.

See Configure Power Source



Preparation: The elements in the model before we do Add 3D-Cam:

Two(2) 2D-Cams

2D-Cams on one Part. E.g. a Crank

2 or more Follower-Rollers* on one different Part. E.g. a Rocker

* Rollers and/or Flat-Faced Followers.

See also Shape of the Cam-Follower.

Add Conjugate Cam FB


STEP 1:Add the Conjugate-Cam FB


1.Mechanism-Editor: Add menu > Mechanism menu  > Add Conjugate-Cam FB

- or -

1.Mechanism-Editor: Machine-elements toolbar > Add Conjugate-Cam FB

The Conjugate-Cam-FB is now in the graphic-area.

See Conjugate-Cam dialog-box

In the Conjugate-Cam dialog-box you will see:

Cam-Track : the names of the two(2) 2D-Cams that are the Conjugate-Cams.

Cam-Flank Visible : these will be Inner or Outer Cam Flanks

When you open the Configure-Power Source dialog-box, the Conjugate-Cam is available to select as a Motor-Element.

Conjugate-Cam dialog-box

Conjugate-Cam dialog-box