Add Cam-Data FB

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Add Cam-Data FB

Cam-Data FB

We use this command to a add a Cam-Data FB to the graphic-area.

We must edit the Cam-Data FB to link it to a 2D-Cam. The 2D-Cam must already be in the model (see also Add 2D-Cam).

Then, we can calculate and save the coordinates for the profile of the 2D-Cam - see Cam-Coordinates, Cam-Coordinates File Formats

We can also analyze, for the 2D-Cam, up to five different design parameters - see Cam Analysis


Cam / 2D-Cam :

A Cam is a curved profile or surface that imparts a displacement (a motion-law) to a Follower-Part by either point or line contact with a Cam-Follower.

Cam-Data FB :

A FB that you can link to a 2D-Cam.  

2D-Cam: Elements, Parameters, Analysis, Coordinates

1.Add a 2D-Cam - see Add 2D-Cam

IF the new 2D-Cam is a Conjugate-Cam or a Groove-Cam (or other Body-Closed Cam):

1.a. Add a Conjugate-Cam FB - see Add Conjugate Cam FB

1.b. Edit the Conjugate-Cam FB to add at least two 2D-Cams - see Conjugate-Cam dialog-box.

2.Select the 2D-Cam or the Conjugate-Cam as the Power Source for the Follower - see Configure-Power Source

3.Review the 2D-Cam : Display, Properties, Life, ... - see below

4.YOU ARE HERE: Add a Cam-Data FB - see below

5.YOU ARE HERE: Edit the Cam-Data FB to link it to the 2D-Cam- - see below

6.Connect wires from the Cam-Data FB to a Graph FB to analyse 5 parameters see below

7.Edit the Cam-Data FB again to Calculate the Cam-Coordinates - see Cam-Coordinates dialog

Add Cam-Data FB

Cam-Data FB in Graphic-Area

Cam-Data FB in Graphic-Area

STEP 1: Add a Cam-Data FB to the graphic area  

Add Motion FB

1.Click Kinematics FB toolbar > Cam-Data FB


1.Click Add menu > Cam-Data FB

2.Click the graphic-area

The Cam-Data FB is now in the graphic-area - see left - (and Assembly-Tree).

Now, you must link the Cam-Data FB to a 2D-Cam in the model.

Link the Cam-Data FB to a 2D-Cam

To link the Cam-Data FB to a 2D-Cam, we must open the Cam-Data dialog-box:

Double-click FB to open the dialog-box

1.Double-click the Cam-Data FB to open the Cam-Coordinates dialog-box

- or -

1.See How to open a Dialog-Box

The Cam-Data dialog-box is now open - see below

Selected 2D-Cam is boxRed-14-1: is  Light Blue  before you select a 2D-Cam from the model.

Cam-Data FB NOT linked to a 2D-Cam

Cam-Data FB NOT linked to a 2D-Cam

Click to select a 2D-Cam

Click to select a 2D-Cam

2.Click a 2D-Cam in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree

The 2D-Cam is now in the Selected 2D-Cam Red-14-1 box - see image below.

2.Click Red-14-2 () to close the Cam-Coordinates dialog-box

Cam-Data FB linked to 2D-Cam 'Cam Outer'

Cam-Data FB linked to 2D-Cam 'Cam Outer'


The caption above the Cam-Data FB is the name of the Cam-Data FB, and the name of the 2D-Cam you link to the Cam-Data FB.

TOP-TIP: When there is more than one 2D-Cam in the Mechanism-Editor:

1.Edit the color of the 2D-Cam  - see 2D-Cam dialog-box : Display tab > Display Options 

2.Rename the 2D-Cam element to its color - see Rename dialog-box

Now, it will be easier to see which 2D-Cam is linked to the Cam-Data FB.

You can now :

Analyze 5 Cam parameters - see Cam-Analysis Parameters.

Calculate the Cam's Coordinates - see Cam-Coordinates dialog