Add Continuous Crank FB

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Add Continuous Crank FB

Why add a Continuous Crank FB

It is often the case that a motion is designed for a Tool, but the Tool is not driven directly. A different Part drives the mechanism. The motion and forces are transmitted through the mechanism from a Driving-Part to the Tool-Part.

Usually, with a Cam mechanism, the Driving-Part is an oscillating Cam-Follower that is moved by a Cam.

There is also the case in which the Driving-Part completely rotates, but with a non-uniform rotating speed. This is a special-case. To make sure this can happen, the Driving-Part must be exactly the correct length.

The Driving-Part becomes a Crank that rotates continuously in one direction as the Tool-Part moves with your motion-design.

This is one application of the Continuous-Crank FB.

Add Continuous Crank FB

STEP 1: Add the Continuous-Crank FB to the graphic-area


1.Click Modeling FB toolbar > Continuous-Crank FB

- or -

1.Click Add menu > Add Continuous-Crank FB

2.Click the graphic-area

The Continuous-Crank FB is now in the graphic-area and Assembly-Tree.

STEP 2: Open the Continuous-Crank dialog-box:

1.Double-click a Continuous-Crank FB in the graphic-area

- or -

See How to Open a Dialog-Box.

The Continuous-Crank dialog-box is now open.

STEP 3: See Continuous-Crank FB dialog-box