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Add Measurement FB

Measurement Function-Blocks

The Measurement FB measures a dimension for a machine-cycle.

There are two output-connectors for a measurement between two Points - see more below.

There is one output-connector for a measurement between other sketch-elements.

The motion-values at the output-connectors include the dimension, and its first and second rate-of-change.

You can measure:

Length of a Line , Radius of a Circle

Distance between: two Points, a Line* and a Point, two parallel Lines*

Angle between: two Points, two Lines*, three Points.

*A Line and CAD-Line. You can also dimension between a sketch-element and the X-axis or Y-axis of a Part.

Add Measurement FB

Add :

STEP 1: Add a Measurement FB

Add Mearurement Fb

1.Click Kinematics FB toolbar > Measurement FB


1.Click Add menu > Measurement FB

2.Click a sketch-element, or sketch-elements between which you want to measure.

3.Click the graphic-area.

The Measurement FB and Dimension show in the graphic-area.

Uses :

Connect a wire from the output-connector of a Measurement FB to the input-connector of a:

Graph FB or Stats FB

Motion-Dimension FB or Motion-Path FB - the motion-values at the output of the Measurement FB become the motion input for a Motion-Part or Motion-Point

Motion FB -  the motion-values at the output of the Measurement FB become the X-axis for the Motion, and the output from the Motion FB will be the Y-axis of the Motion


Message in the Feedback-Area may be: '1 Mechanism dependencies detected'. This means, that the motion of a kinematic-chain is a function of (dependent on) the motion of a different kinematic-chain.

See also :

Connecting FBs

Measurement FB - more details

How to Add a Measurement FB

Add Mearurement Fb

STEP 1: Add menu > Add Measurement FB
Kinematic FB toolbar > Add Measurement FB

Measurement FB between two Points

Measurement FB between two Points

STEP 2: Click in the graphic-area the sketch-element, or the sketch-elements, that you want to measure

STEP 3: Click in the graphic-area to place the Measurement FB.

The Measurement FBRed-14-1b is near to the dimensionRed-14-4.

To move the Measurement FB: DRAG the FB

To move the Measurement Dimension: CTRL+DRAG the FB or the Measurement Dimension.

In this image: The dimensionRed-14-4 is between two PointsRed-14-3Red-14-2

The Measurement FB has two output-connectors when it measures between two Points

The Measurement FB has one output-connector when it measures other sketch-elements.

See details below for motion-values available from the output-connectors.

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btn_delkeywordAngle between Three Points
btn_delkeywordAngle between Two Lines