Add Pattern FB

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Add Pattern FB

What is the Pattern tool?

A Pattern FB makes an array of one or more Solids that is in the model.

A Pattern is similar to a circular or linear array as found in your CAD.

However, the Pattern FB must anticipate the motion of each Solid in the array at each instant in a machine-cycle relative to the other Parts in the model

When you use Pattern FB to hide a copy of a Solid at phases in the machine-cycle, you also remove its Mass-Properties.

See also: Pattern dialog-box

Add Pattern FB

What to do:

STEP 1Add the Pattern FB to the graphic-data  

Add Pattern FB

1.Click Add menu > Mechanism menu  > Add Pattern FB

- or -

1.Click Modeling FB toolbar > Add Pattern FB

2.Click the graphic-area

The Pattern FB is in the graphic-area.

STEP 2Open the Pattern dialog-box:

1.Double-click a Pattern FB in the graphic-area (or Assembly-Tree )

- or -

See How to Open a Dialog-Box.

The Pattern dialog-box is now open.

STEP 3See Pattern-FB dialog-box.

Application Note: Pattern FB and a DRIVING Pulley:

A Driving Pulley is one in which the motion is applied to the Pulley and not to the Belt.

If the timing is such that the Pulley makes one rotation in a machine-cycle, the Belt will not complete its motion along the sketch-loop in one machine-cycle.

If you want to use a Pattern FB to model an array (Pattern) of a Solid element to be along the complete length of a Belt, you must make changes to the timing of the Pulley.

1.Add a Gearing FB to the input-connector of the Motion-Dimension FB that is driving the Pulley

2.Open the Gearing FB dialog-box

3.Make the Gearing Ratio = Belt-Length / Pulley-Circumference.

The Pattern of the Solid elements should now be at equal spaces along the complete Belt-Length.