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Mechanism | Add Reference Geometry

Add Reference Geometry

What is Reference Geometry

Reference Geometry is a sketch-element in the active Mechanism-Editor, that is a copy of a sketch-element from a different Mechanism-Editor. The source and reference sketch-element have the same motion.


Source Sketch-Element :

A sketch-element, in a moving or stationary Part in a different Mechanism-Editor.

Reference Sketch-Element :

The copy of the Source sketch-element and motion in the Base-Part of the active Mechanism-Editor.

Two rules that will help you use this command:

A.The two(2) Mechanism-Editors are parallel to each other

B.The two(2) Mechanism-Editors do not move relative to each other.

You must think carefully, if you do not observe these rules.

Add Reference Geometry

Add Reference Geometry icon

Kinematic Elements Toolbar : Add Reference Geometry

Menu :

Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Reference Geometry

Preparation :

Two(2) Mechanism-Editors, which are usually on parallel Mechanism-Planes.

For convenience, we can name the Mechanism-Editors the Source and Reference.

STEP 1: Preparation

Click the Reference mechanism-Editor

Display toolbar > Show / Hide Profiles - hide Profile elements.

Visibility toolbar > Show other Kinematic and Sketch elements - show sketch-elements in the Source.

Right-click the Light-Bulb of the Source mechanism-Editor name-tab to Show other Kinematic and Sketch elements

View toolbar > Spin to see the sketch-element in the Source

STEP 2: Copy the sketch-element from the Source to the Reference

1.Click Kinematics FB toolbar > Add Reference-Geometry

2.Click a sketch-element (Circle, Arc or Line) in the Source

3.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager

A copy of the sketch-element AND its motion, in Source is made in the Base-Part of Reference.

The new sketch-element is Reference Geometry.

Do STEP 2 again to copy more sketch-elements.

Video :


Preparation :

See Below - More Details

Notes :

You cannot delete or edit a reference sketch-element. You must delete or edit the source sketch-element in the source Mechanism-Editor.

Reference Geometry element names are RefLine or RefCircle.

tog_minusHow to Add Reference Geometry - More Details