CopyMinder Software Protection

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CopyMinder Software Protection


CopyMinder is third-party software owned by Microcosm Ltd (see their homepage here Globe-www-24 Microcosm). They are business leaders in software protection.

We use CopyMinder to help PSMotion protect MechDesigner from misuse. CopyMinder is an intelligent system that let's us work together to make sure you, as the customer, can keep working.

Internet Based Installation - default and recommended

With good reason, computer users are careful of the information that is passed over the internet from their PCs. There will always be people who try to make a quick dollar by exploiting users. The internet simply opened up more doors for these people.

As a software vendor, we also come under attack from software crackers trying to break our software so that they can distribute it illegally. So, to try and combat this, we have employed the latest technology that makes sure that your copy of our software is a genuine copy.

We are totally open about how this system works as we believe this openness is the key to be a good company for customers.

How does it work?

When you start MechDesigner it makes a 'call' to a security website to see if your copy is a legal copy. If it is a legal copy, then you can use the software. If it's not, then MechDesigner simply will not run.

The only information that is sent is information directly related to the use of MechDesigner. There is absolutely no information about your work or anything else. Period.

You can read a full explanation of how this software protection system works and what information is sent -

Manual Installation

Internet based protection not OK?

For some people or corporations, even this is not satisfactory and we understand that too. For this reason, we offer you the facility to install MechDesigner manually. This means internet access is not  required from your PC at all. This is not our preferred way - and probably not for the IT administrator.

If you cannot connect to the internet, then the protection will default to the Manual Installation method after perhaps 20 seconds. Do not use Manual if you want to make the protection automatically over the Internet. For some reason the internet is blocked. Please find out why this is the case. Firewall? Permissions? Firewall?