Dialog: Blend-Curve

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Dialog: Blend-Curve


See also Add Blend-Curve

A Blend-Curve has, and you can edit, these geometric-properties AT the start-Point and its end-Point




Curvature Rate


The default geometric-properties of the Blend-Point equal those of the sketch-element with which you merge at its start-Point and/or end-Point. If you do not merge its two Points, then the default values are zero.

You can edit the geometric-properties:

Exactly : with the Blend-Curve dialog-box

Approximately : with the Blend-Curve drag-handles.

Blend-Curve dialog-box

btn_delkeywordEdit Exactly

Blend-Curve drag-handles

btn_delkeywordEdit Approximately

Smoothness of sketch-elements

btn_delkeywordNotes on Curvature and Curvature-Rate