CAD Control FB dialog-box


Use a CAD Control FB to synchronize Distance or Angle mates in a SolidWorks® Assembly with the motion of Parts in a MechDesigner model.

You can control up to four SolidWorks® Assembly Model mates with one CAD-Control FB.

See Getting Started Tutorial 6C3: Examine 3D-Cam Clearances

See also: Function-Block menu | CAD Control,


A CAD-Control FB should be in the graphic-area. If necessary, see Add CAD-Control FB.

STEP 1: Connect wires to the input-connectors from FBs in MechDesigner that are controlled by a Motion in some way.

(Linear-Motion FB, Motion FB, Gearing FB, and Motion-Dimension FB)

These FBs will control the Dimension and Angle mates SolidWorks® you select to control from this dialog.

STEP 2: Double-Click a CAD-Control FB in the graphic-area, to open the dialog-box

It may take some time to open the first time you use this FB. MechDesigner must check that you have the correct Type Libraries. If you do not have the correct Type Libraries - see here.

If necessary, click the Dimension and CAD Model Path separators to expand the dialog-box.

Open the SolidWorks® assembly model with the Dimension and/or Angle mate types that you want to control from MechDesigner with the CAD-Control dialog-box.

STEP 3: Click the Refresh button.

When you click the Refresh button, MechDesigner find all of the Dimension and Angle mates that you have used in your SolidWorks® Assembly model.

STEP 4: Click the Available Dimensions down-arrow button to see the mates that have been found in the SolidWorks® Assembly model.


STEP 5: Click, in the Available Dimension list, each Dimension or Angle mate you want to control from MechDesigner

Repeat to select all of the mates you want to control.

Note: The order of the mates in the Available-Dimensions drop-down list may not be in the same order as the wires at the input-connector with which you want to control the mates. You must select the mates in the same order (sequence) as the wires that are connected to the input-connectors of the FB.

The mates show in the CAD-Dimension Names to Drive box.

If the mates are not in the same sequence as the wires you can click the Clear CAD Dimensions button.

You can select the mates again.

STEP 6: Click the Drive CAD Enabled check-box at the top of the dialog-box.

The position of the Parts in the SolidWorks® Assembly model move* when you move the model in MechDesigner.

STEP 7: Click OK-tiny-13-17 at the top of the dialog-box when you have finished using the evaluation and analysis tools in SolidWorks®.

* Only use the Home, Step Back or Step-Forward. buttons the Run toolbar. Do not use the Cycle button.

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