CAD-Line dialog-box

Use the CAD-Line dialog-box:

1.To import a SolidWorks or STL File - [use the SolidWorks tab]
2.To edit the Mass-Properties the CAD-Lines adds to the Part - [use the Mass Properties tab]
3.To import a DXF Drawing - [use the DXF tab]

Note: you can also use a CAD-Line as a 'normal' Line.

How to open the CAD-Line dialog-box

Double-Click CAD-Line element in an Added-Part

Double-Click CAD-Line element in an Added-Part

To open the CAD-Line dialog-box:

Double-Click a CAD-Line in the graphic-area

- or -

Double-click a CAD-Line in the Assembly-Tree

- or -

1.Click a CAD-Line one time in the graphic-area
2.Right-click the CAD-Line in the Selection-Window
3.Click 'Edit element...' in the contextual menu


A CAD-Line is along the centre of all Added-Parts.
You can add CAD-Lines to all Parts with the Add CAD-Line in the Part-Editor.

See also How to open a dialog-box

CAD-Line dialog-box


There are three tabs in the CAD-Line dialog-box

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