Dialog: Configure Power Source

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Dialog: Configure Power Source

Configure Power Source

To calculate forces correctly, you must Configure the Power Source(s) correctly.

Each degree-of-freedom in each kinematic-chain receives its Power from an element.

We use the Configure Power Source dialog-box to make sure each kinematic-chain receives its Power from the correct element(s).

Power-Source elements can be:

Joints (Linear or Rotary Motor)



Important Example

Use this dialog when you want to calculate the Contact-Force between a Cam-Roller and 2D-Cam. The default Power-Source is at the Joint at which you add the Motion-Dimension FB for that kinematic-chain. In packaging machinery, the motion-dimension is most often at the Tool-Part and not at the Cam-Follower Part . You must use this dialog to move the Power Source element from the Tool-Part to the 2D-Cam. Only then will you be able to calculate the Contact-Force, Contact-Stress AND the forces in all of the Joints in that kinematic-chain.

Even if the kinematic-chain is only the Cam-Follower Part, you must use this dialog to move the Power Source element from the Cam-Follower Part to the 2D-Cam to correctly calculate Contact-Force and Contact-Stress of the Cam.

Open Configure Power Source dialog-box

Configure-Power-Source in the Kinematics-Tree

Configure-Power-Source in the Kinematics-Tree

To open the Configure-Power-Source dialog-box:

1.Click a Kinematic-Chain that is kinematically-defined in the Kinematics-Tree

2.Right-Click the Kinematic-Chain

3.Click Configure Power SourceRed-14-2 in the pop-up menu

- or -

1.Click a kinematically-defined chain in the Kinematics-Tree

2.Press the ALT+P key combination on your keyboard

The Configure Power Source dialog-box is now open.

Configure Power Source for a Kinematic-Chain

There are two tabs in the dialog-box:

btn_delkeyword        Power Source tab

btn_delkeywordDisplay Colors tab