Dialog: Function-Block: Design-Set

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Dialog: Function-Block: Design-Set

Design-Set FB

See Add Design-Set

Use Design-Sets to bring together a number of dimension and parameters into one dialog.

We add to a Design-Set those dimensions and parameters that we believe to be important to the outcome of a design-objective. Then, you can edit all of the dimension and parameters in one place.

You can add more than one Design-Set to the model.

Question: "Why use a Design-Set when we can use the Part-Editor to edit dimensions of different Parts, and also use dialog-boxes to edit the parameters of different elements?"

Answers: "It is often the case that you will need to edit the same list of dimensions and parameters many times to improve a design objective. If you put them in a Design-Set, then just edit them from the Design-Set.

Also, if you come to the model after a period of time, the Design-Set will remind you of which dimensions and parameters are important for your design.

Also, you can give you model to a different engineer, and tell him to ONLY edit the dimensions and parameters in the Design-Set.


Rename each dimension to a 'functional name'. This will help you recognize the design objective of the Design-Set.


After you add a dimension to a Design-Set, you CAN ONLY use the Design-Set to edit that dimension.

To edit a dimension in the Part-Editor again, you must delete the dimension from the Design-Set.

A dimension that is in the Design-Set is gray in the Part-Editor.

Open Design-Set FB dialog-box


Edit the Design-Set FB

1.Double-click the Design-Set FB in the graphic-area

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box  

The Design-Set dialog-box is now open.

Design-Set dialog-Box

btn_delkeywordDesign-Set dialog-box toolbar
btn_delkeywordAdd or Delete Element-Rows
btn_delkeywordLink a Dimension to an Element-Row
btn_delkeywordLink a Parameter to an Element-Row

EXAMPLE Parameter Lists in different Elements:

Open the Design-Set and select an Element-row.

Click an element in the graphic-area to add Parameter that control the element.

btn_delkeywordLinear-Motion Function-Block
btn_delkeywordMotion-Dimension Function-Block
btn_delkeywordGearing Function-Block