DXF-Element dialog-box

See File Open > DXF file-type.

When you open do File menu > Open DXF file-type, you add a DXF element to the Assembly-Tree. The DXF element is the container for the DXF drawing.

You can use the DXF-Element dialog-box to:

Link the DXF-Element with a different DXF drawing.
Apply different Linear Units to the DXF drawing.

Open DXF Element dialog-box

Editing the DXF-Element from the Assembly-Tree

Editing the DXF-Element from the Assembly-Tree

To Open the DXF-Element dialog-box

1.Find the DXF-ElementRed-14-1b in the Assembly-Tree
2.Right-click the DXF-Element

In the contextual-menu:

3.Click Edit ElementRed-14-2

- or -

See also 'How to open a dialog-box'

The DXF-Element dialog-box is now open.

You can also add a new DXF-element with File menu > Open | DXF file-type.

DXF-Element dialog box


To link a different DXF drawing to the DXF-Element:


 Click the Browse button to find and select a new or updated DXF drawing.


 Click the Apply button to link the DXF drawing with the DXF-Element.

DXF Units

To show the DXF Drawing to the correct scale, use the same DXF Units as the units in the Original DXF Drawing.

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