Extrusion dialog-box

See Add Profile

Use the Extrusion dialog-box to edit the properties of the Extrusion element that you add with the Add-Profile command.

An Extrusion element is a child to a Profile element

Arrow-DW        To open the Extrusion dialog-box

Double-Click the Profile Contour to edit the Extrusion.

graphic-area [Mechanism-Editor]:

1.If necessary, spin the view with your keyboard arrow keys to see the two contours of the Pink Profile Contours.
2.Double-click a Pink contour that is NOT coincident with the sketch-loop - see image to the left.

If the Extrusion dialog-box does not open, try to open it in the Selection-Window or the Assembly-Tree - see below.



1.Click a Pink Profile contour in the graphic-area

The Profile and its child Extrusion show in the Selection-Window

2.Right-click the Extrusion element in the Selection-Window
3.Click 'Edit Element' in the contextual-menu.



Expand the Assembly-Tree elements to see the Extrusion element - see image to left

1.Right-click the Extrusion element.
2.Click 'Edit Element' in the contextual-menu.

The Extrusion dialog-box

Extrusion dialog-box

Extrusion dialog-box

There are three separators in the Extrusion dialog-box.

Extrusion Parameters
Colour, Opacity and Quality
Mass Properties

tog_minusExtrusion Parameters 





3s Sketch-Loop

4s Z-axis, perpendicular[] to the Mechanism-Plane


The distance to the 2sSecondary-Contour from the 1s-redPrimary-Contour, along the 4s+Z-axis of the Part.

The parameter must be positive. Minimum 0.001mm


The positive or negative distance to the Primary-Contour from the Part-Offset.


The positive or negative distance to the Primary Contour from the Mechanism-Plane [sketch-loop]

Note-Pencil Distance to Primary Contour from 3ssketch-loop = Part Offset + Extrusion Offset

tog_minusColour, Opacity and Quality 


Solid is 'Visible' or 'Hidden' check-box

Toggle between 'Visible' and 'Hidden'.


Click the button to open and select a colour in the Windows® Colour Picker

Transparency [slider]

Drag the slider to change the Transparency of the Extrusion in the graphic-area.

This applies only to the visibility of the Solid in the Model-Editor



Graphics Quality [slider]

Drag the slider to change the Quality of the Extrusion in the graphic-area.

See 'Low' Quality' and 'High' Quality in the image to the left.

See Also: Application Settings | General

tog_minusExtrusion Mass Properties 


Material Density

Density of the Extrusion. The Mass and Inertia [below] change as you edit the Density.

Mass [read-only]

Mass = Density * Area of Extrusion * Extrusion Depth

Inertia [read-only]

Inertia is calculated with respect to the centre-of-mass.

Its center-of-mass is a function of its shape. The mass is equally distributed.

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