Plane dialog-box

Add Plane : Offset from Plane


Add Plane dialog-box

Element selection box: Plane

Plane Definition: Offset from Plane

Edit the offset of the new Plane from the Plane in the Element selection-box

Distance to New Plane 5s

The Origin of the new Plane is

normal and parallel withe selected Plane
on the Z-axis of the selected Plane

Add Plane : Angle from Line


Add Plane - Line and Plane

Element selection box: Plane ; Line

Plane Definition: Angle from Line

Edit the angle of the new Plane relative to the X-, Y-, Z-axis of the Line in the Element selection-box

Rotate about X-axis
Rotate about Y-axis
Rotate about Z-axis

The Origin of the new Plane is:

at the start-Point of the selected Line
coincident with the selected Plane

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