Dialog: Function-Block: Force-Data

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Dialog: Function-Block: Force-Data

Force-Data FB

See: Add Force-Data FB , Configure Power Source

To use the Force-Data FB correctly, do:

STEP 1: Do Configure the Power Source.

STEP 2: Add the Force-Data FB to the graphic-area  - see Add Point-Data FB

STEP 3: Open the Force-Data Dialog-box to select a kinematic-element.

STEP 4: Select which Point in the kinematic-element - equivalent to Action and Reaction Forces.

The force-data at the Force-Data FB output-connector is the force that acts on the kinematic-element through the Point.

If the kinematic-element is a Power-Source, the force-data is the Load Torque to balance the kinematic-chain.

STEP 5: Connect a wire from its output-connector to plot the Force-Data over a complete machine-cycle.

Open Force-Data FB dialog-box


Open the Force-Data dialog-box:

1.Double-click the Force-Data FB in the graphic-area.

- or -

2.See How to Open a Dialog-Box

The Force-Data dialog-box is now open.

Force-Data FB

Force-Data FB in graphic--area

Force-Data FB in graphic--area

Open the Force-Data dialog-box

1.Double-click a Force-Data FB that is in the graphic-area


1. See How to open a dialog-box



STEP 1.Select a Joint, Cam, Gear, Rack, Ball-screw or Spring. You can click the element in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree.

When you select an element:

The element shows in the box

A list of Available Points shows in the box below, each with a 'Point Owner'

If you select a:

Pin-Joint - there are 2 Available Points
Each Point that makes the Pin-Joint.

Slide-Joint - there are 4 Available Points
Two Points on each Line that make the Slide-Joint.

2D-Cam - there are 0 Available Points
The contact point is assumed.

Spring FB - there are 2 Available Points
The Point that anchors each end of the Spring FB.

STEP 2.Click a Point in the box of Available Points, even if a Point shows in the 'Selected Force Output Element