Cam-Data FB

btn_delkeyword2D-Cam : Related Elements and Actions

The commands, elements and dialogs that are related to 2D-Cams are:


Add 2D-Cam

... optional ...



Edit 2D-Cam dialog-box

STEP 2A                

Add Cam-Data FB


Edit the Cam-Data FB to link the FB to a 2D-Cam.

Close the Cam-Data dialog-box and do 3A and/or do 3B.


Do Cam-Analysis (with Graph FB)


Edit the Cam-Data FB again. Calculate Cam-Coordinates

IMPORTANT : Cam Contact-Force and Contact-Stress...

When you want to analyse Cam-Force and Cam Contact-Stress, it is important that the model represents the power flow between the cam and the cam-follower correctly.

See Configure Power Source

STEP 2B: Open Cam-Data FB dialog-box


To open the Cam-Data dialog-box:

1.Double-click the Cam-Data FB in the graphic-area.

- or -

The Cam-Data dialog-box is now open.

Cam-Data dialog-box

Link a 2D-Cam to a Cam-Data FB

Selected Cam-Track boxRed-14-1: is Sun-Bleached Red Cotton before you select a 2D-Cam from the model.



Link a 2D-Cam to the Cam-Data dialog-box.

1.Click a 2D-Cam in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree

The 2D-Cam is now in the Selected Cam-Track Red-14-1box.

The 2D-Cam in the model becomes linked to the Cam-Data FB and shows as the Selected Cam-Track.


Cam-Coordinates toolbarRed-14-2: The toolbar becomes colorized and active.

See details for the data-formats available in the Cam-Coordinates dialog-box

To do Cam-Analysis, close the dialog, and calculate the cam-coordinates at a different time.

The output-connectors from the Cam-Data FB now the provide the data you need to do your Cam Analysis.

STEP 3A: Cam-Data FB for 2D-Cam Analysis.


The five output-connectors from the Cam-Data FB provide:

F   :  Contact Force : Contact Force when a positive value, but 0N when a negative value - Cam 1 and Cam 2.
Ԏ  :  Contact Maximum Shear Stress : Cam 1 and Cam 2.
ρ  :  Radius-of-Curvature : Cam 1 and Cam 2.
μ  :  Pressure Angle
Ue : Entrainment Velocity

Connect wires from the Cam-Data FB to a Graph FB or Stats FB.

Use the Y-axis Data-Type in the Graph FB to select the internal or external cam especially to analyse Maximum Contact Shear Stress and Radius-of-Curvature.

You can export the data to Microsoft Excel® from the Graph FB for further analysis,


If you have a number of 2D-Cams that control different mechanisms, you need to optimize all of the cams at one time. I usually use one Graph FB to plot the same data-type for each 2D-Cams. Also, I use the same minimum and maximum scale in the Graph FB.

E.g.: I plot the Pressure-Angles for up to 4 × 2D-Cams in one Graph FB, and say ±40º as a Maximum and Minimum Y-axis values. It is then easy to make sure that the Pressure-Angle, of all of the cams do not exceed the maximum and minimum limits.

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