Motion FB

Summary of Motion FB

The Motion FB is a 'hyperlink' to a motion that is in Motion name-tab.

The input motion-values to the Motion FB represent the X-axis of the motion, and the output motion-values from the Motion FB become the Y-axis of the motion.

Add and Edit Motion FB



Kinematics FB toolbar > Motion FB [right of Graphic-Area]


Add menu > Add Motion FB


STEP 1: Add the Motion FB to the graphic-area

1.Single-Click Kinematics FB Toolbar > Motion FB
2.Single-Click again in the graphic-area to 'place' the Motion FB in the graphic-area.

The Motion FB is now in the graphic-area.


STEP 2: Open the Motion FB dialog-box:

1.Double-click the Motion FB in the graphic-area

- or -

The Motion FB dialog-box


Motion Function-Block Parameters 

Select Motion

Select a motion in the drop-down list-box. The list gives the name-tabs in MotionDesigner.

Output-Option: Click one radio-button:

Reset Output: The output is set to the motion-value at the start of the motion after each machine cycle [default]
Accumulate Output: The output adds the motion-value at the end of the motion to the motion-value at the start of the motion after each machine-cycle.

Output Data-Type*: click one radio button:

Motion : Default - units is 'Counts'

For Linear and Rotary, see Machine-Settings dialog > Modelling Units

* Important: select Linear or Rotary if you connect the Motion FB to a Motion-Path FB or Maths FB.


Typically, the motion-values at the input-connector of a Motion FB:

have a range from 0 – 360. However, it is possible to have any range of motion-values at the input-connector.
increase at a constant rate. However, the motion-values at the input-connector may increase and decrease at any time within a machine cycle.

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