Statistics FB

See Add Stats FB


A Statistics Function-Block

If you can connect a wire to a Graph FB to plot its data...

  ...then you can connect a wire to a Statistics FB to find the Statistical information for the same data.

The Statistics FB calculates various Statistical values of the data at its input-connector for one machine-cycle.

Compare with Element Properties, which are motion-values at the 'instant' of the Master Machine Angle.

See Graph FB - Y–axis input-connectors for the list of possible inputs to the Statistics FB.

Statistic FB dialog-box

Statistic FB dialog-box

To use the Statistics FB dialog-box:

1.Connect a wire to its input-connector
2.Edit the Stats FB to open the Stats FB dialog-box

Select Derivative

Note: Function-Blocks have three Data-Channels at their output-connectors

The Data-Channels for the Kinematic-FBs are the three motion-derivatives.
The Data-Channels for a Force-Data FB are Total Force or  Torque, Force X, Force Y.
3.Click the drop-down list box to select the data-channel for which you want to find its 'Statistics'.

Optimization Parameters - Do Note Use

Numerical Estimation of Min/Max - Do Not Use

Statistic Properties dialog

Statistic Properties dialog

4.Close the Statistics FB dialog-box

To open the Statistic Properties dialog-box

1.CTRL + Click the Statistics FB in the graphic-area.

The Statistics for the Data-Channel show in a Read-only dialog-box.


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