Graph > Settings dialog-box


The Graph Settings icon is at the top of the Graph FB dialog-box.

Click the Graph Settings icon to open the Graph Settings dialog-box.

The settings are:

Graph Title
Minimum and maximum scales for the Y-axis of each input
Minimum and maximum scale for the X-axis

Graph-Settings dialog-box


In the Graph Settings dialog-box, there are three orange separators.

Title and Y-axis Input Selection 


Graph Title

Enter a Graph Title. Here the graph title is 'Graph'. This will show at the top of the Graph plot.

Y–axis Input

The drop-down lists the Y# input-connector and its data -type.

Use the drop-down list box to select to which input and plot you want to apply these 'Graph Settings'. You can apply the Graph-Settings to one input, or to all inputs at the same time.

1.Click the drop-arrow at the right of the Y-axis input list-box

Each input is in the list, AND...

... at the bottom of the list, you can also select 'Set all'.

oY# : Data Type  #: 1 to 4. Data Type: corresponds to the data at the input-connector.

- or

oSet all : the Graph Settings are applied to all graphs.

Use 'Set all' to scale all graphs to the same Y-axis scale.

For example, if the wires connected to the input-connectors to the Graph FB are Pressure-Angles from different Cam-Data FBs. If the Minimum and Maximum of the Y-axis of all inputs are the same, then it is much easier to analyse the data.

You can set the minimum and maximum of the Y-axis inputs individually. Or, more conveniently, use the Set-All options.

Y-Axis / X-Axis 


[These Settings apply to the Y–axis Input, or all of the Y–axis inputs - see above]


Auto-Scale Y-Axis

'Check' the 'Auto-Scale Y–axis' box

The graph automatically sets Y–axis to the maximum and minimum of the values at the input-connector.

Y maximum / Y minimum

'Clear 'the 'Auto-Scale Y–axis' box.

Enter values in the 'Y maximum:' and 'Y minimum:' boxes

Graph Line colour

If you prefer a different colour for the graph.

Click the 'Graph Line colour' button
Use the the Windows® pop-up colour picker, click OK in the pop-up.


Use the check-box to 'Auto-scale' or 'Manually Scale' the X–axis

The X-axis setting applies to all the graphs.


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