Graph FB > Settings dialog-box


The Graph Settings icon in the toolbar at the top of the Graph FB dialog-box.

Click the Graph Settings icon to open the Graph Settings form..

The settings are:

Graph Title
Color of the Plot Line
Minimum and Maximum limits for the Y-axis and the X-axis

Graph-Settings dialog-box


Title and Y-axis Input Selection 


Graph Title

Enter a Graph Title. Here the graph title is Graph. This will show at the top of the Graph plot area.

Y–axis Input

Select the Y-axis Input you want to apply the Graph-Settings.

Y 1 - 4 : Data-Type

Y# : the input-connector, from 1 to 4
Data-Type : one of three Data-Channels  - see Y-axis Options

Set all : to apply the same settings to all plots in the graph.

Top Tip: Use Set all if wires connected to a Graph FB are all Pressure-Angle from different Cam-Data FBs. If the Minimum and Maximum limits are set to be equal for all cams, it is much easier to analyse the cam-data as you edit the model.

Y-Axis &  X-Axis 



These settings apply to one plot or all plots - see Y-axis input, above.

Auto-Scale Y-Axis

Auto-scale the maximum and minimum values to those values at the Y-axis input-connector.
Enter the maximum and minimum values for One Y-axis or All Y-axes when Set all is selected as the Y-axis input

Y maximum / Y minimum

'Clear 'the 'Auto-Scale Y–axis' box.

Enter values in the Y maximum and Y minimum boxes

Graph Line colour

To use a different plot colour.

Click the Graph Line colour button
Use the Windows® pop-up colour picker, to select a different colour.


The X-axis values always apply to all the plots.

Auto-Scale x-Axis

Auto-scale the maximum and minimum values at the X-axis input-connector.
Enter the maximum and minimum values for the X-axis.


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