We use the Import SOLIDWORKS sketch FB in the Part-Editor to import an active sketch from a SOLIDWORKS document.

The Import SOLIDWORKS sketch FB becomes a child of the Part.

See also : Add Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch FB

See also SolidWorks Type Libraries



Part-Editor > Geometry toolbar > Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch FB

Add menu: Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch FB


STEP 1: Edit a Part, and add an Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch FB
1.Edit an Part: (the Base-Part or an Added-Part)

You will import the SOLIDWORKS sketch on to this Part.

3.Click the graphic-area

The Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch FB is now in the graphic-area.

The Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch FB is a child to the part.


In SolidWorks...

If necessary, add a sketch to a plane, save the SolidWorks Part

STEP 2: Edit a sketch in SOLIDWORKS so that is is the active sketch
1.Edit a SOLIDWORKS sketch - it is the active-sketch

<<< this image shows an active sketch in SOLIDWORKS.



This image shows the icon of the Import SOLIDWORKS sketch FB in the Mechanism-Editor.

The icon is not colorized, to indicate you cannot edit it.

To edit the Import SOLIDWORKS sketch FB, you must edit the Part to which it is a child.


STEP 3: Open the Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch FB dialog-box

1.Edit the Part in which the Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch FB is a child - see STEP 1
2.Double-click the Import SOLIDWORKS sketch in the graphic-area.

or see How to open a dialog-box

The Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch dialog-box is open

Import SOLIDWORKS sketch

Import SOLIDWORKS sketch

STEP 4: Import SOLIDWORKS Sketch dialog-box:

1.Click button Red-14-2. The name of the:
Document name in CADRed-14-5: shows the active document name in SolidWorks
Sketch name in SOLIDWORKSRed-14-6: shows the name of the active sketch in the SolidWorks feature-tree

Button Red-14-3 becomes colorized.

2.Click button Red-14-3
WAIT until the SOLIDWORKS sketch shows in the MechDesigner graphic area.

Button Red-14-4 becomes colourised

If you edit the sketch in SOLIDWORKS, you can:

3.Click button Red-14-4 to update the sketch in MechDesigner

Note: Click button Red-14-1 to clear the 'Document name' and the 'sketch-name' from Red-14-5 & Red-14-6

Then you can use the same Function-Block dialog to import a new sketch from SolidWorks to the original sketch.

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