Point Position & Vectors

Use this dialog to:

Show Velocity and Acceleration Vectors of a Point as you cycle the model.
Find the exact position of a Point on the Mechanism-Plane
Find the exact position of a Point on the Part-Plane, with Part Coordinates.
Edit the position of a Free-Point - it cannot have ANY constraints added with the Part-Editor

Open Point Position & Vectors dialog-box


Edit a Point

1.Double-click the Point in the graphic-area

- or -

Point Position and Vectors dialog-box


There are three separators:

Show or Hide Vectors
Mechanism Coordinates (Read-Only)
Point Coordinates (Read-Write)

tog_minus Show or Hide Vectors 


Velocity and Acceleration Vector check-boxes

If you show Velocity or Acceleration vectors, or both:

Each vector shows only when the Point is moving relative to the Mechanism-Plane
The length of each vector is proportional to the Point's instantaneous Velocity and Acceleration.
The magnitude of each vector shows at the arrowhead of each vector
The colour (default) of the vectors are Velocity, Acceleration (See Edit menu > Applications-Settings > Graphics tab > Display Colours | Velocity Vectors/Acceleration Vectors )
Each vector updates its value and length each machine step (See Edit menu > Machine Settings > Cycling Parameters | Number of Steps )


You can display the vectors relative to the:

Local xyz axes - Mechanism Axes (default)
Global XYZ axes - MODEL AXES.

Velocity Vector Options

The Velocity vectors can show as one of::

Magnitude of the Velocity (default)
X component of the motion
Y component of the motion





To change the scale and length of the vectors, use the buttons in the Feedback-Area:

Click the up or down buttons below 'Vel' to edit the Velocity Vector
Click the up or down button below 'Accel' to edit the Acceleration Vector

tog_minus Mechanism Coordinates (Read-Only) 


The Point coordinates (X, Y, Z ) relative to the Origin of the Mechanism-Plane (and Base-Part).

The X, Y, Z dimensions are Read-Only.

Base-Part Origin

Base-Part Origin

The  Origin (0,0, 0) of the Mechanism-Plane is the intersection of the small X- and Y-axes in the Base-Part.

tog_minus Point Coordinates: Read-Write 



The Point coordinates (x , y) are relative to the Part's Origin.

Its Origin is the start-Point of the CAD-Line

Its X-axis is in the direction from the start-Point of the CAD-Line to its end-Point.

Lock and Edit Point's Position:

Edit in Part-Editor

The Point remains free.

You can edit it in the Part-Editor.


Lock and Edit here

Use x and y data-values to edit the (x , y) coordinates of the Point


You can use this option is ONLY available if the Point is free of constraints and dimensions in the Part-Editor

You will not be able to edit it in the Part-Editor.

To use this option.

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