Point Position & Vectors dialog-box

Use this dialog to:

Show Velocity and Acceleration Vectors of a Point as you cycle the model.
Find the exact position of a Point on the Mechanism-Plane
Find the position of a Point on the Part-Plane, using Part Coordinates.
Edit the position of a Free-Point that does not have constraints added with the Part-Editor, using Part Coordinates

You do not need to open the Part-Editor to edit the position of a Point with this dialog

Note: With this dialog, you can edit the Point's position ONLY when it does not have any geometric constraint added to it.

The Point Position and Vectors dialog-box

Edit a Point element to open the Point Position and Vectors dialog.

See how to open a dialog-box


There are three separators:

Show or Hide Vectors
Mechanism Coordinates [Read-Only]
Point Coordinates [Read-Write]

tog_minus Show or Hide Vectors 


Velocity and Acceleration Vector check-boxes

If you show the Point's Velocity and Acceleration Vectors:

The vectors show only when the Point moves relative to the Mechanism-Plane
The length of the vectors are proportional to the Point's instantaneous Velocity and Acceleration.
The magnitude of the vectors shows at the arrowhead of each vector
The colour [default] of the vectors are Velocity, Acceleration
The vectors update their values and length each machine step [see Machine Settings dialog-box > Cycling Parameters > Number of Steps]

Scope Option

The vectors can be shown relative to the:

Local xyz axes - Mechanism Axes [default]
Global XYZ axes - mODEL-aXES

Velocity Vector Options

The Velocity vectors can be shown as the:

Magnitude of the Velocity [default]
X component of the velocity only
Y component of the velocity only


Buttons in the Feedback-Area to change the scale of the Vectors




To change the scale and length of the vectors, use the buttons in the Feedback-Area:

Click the up or down buttons below 'Vel' to edit the Velocity Vector
Click the up or down button below 'Accel' to edit the Acceleration Vector

tog_minus Mechanism Coordinates [Read-Only] 


The Point coordinates [X, Y, Z ] relative to the Origin of the Mechanism-Plane (and Base-Part).

The X, Y, Z dimensions are Read-Only.

BasePart-OriginThe  Origin [0,0, 0] of the Mechanism-Plane is the intersection of the small X- and Y-axes in the Base-Part.

tog_minus Point Coordinates [Read-Write] 


The Point coordinates [x,y] are relative to the Part's Origin, with the X-axis from its start-Point to its end-Point.

Lock and Edit Point's Position.

There are two states:

Lock and edit here
Edit in Part Editor

To lock the Point's position in the Part

1.Click Edit in Part-Editor.

The Point remains 'free' and you can edit it in the Part-Editor.


To edit the Point's position in the Part, with this dialog

1.Click Lock and Edit here
Enter the Position of the Point along the x–axis of the Part. The x-axis of an Added-Part is along its CAD-Line.
Enter the Position of the Point along the y–axis of the Part. The y-axis of an Added-Part is at +90º to the CAD-Line.


Lock and Edit Here,

you will not be able to edit it in the Part-Editor.
the Point must be free of any constraints and dimensions

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