Dialog: Rack-Pinion / Ball-screw

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Dialog: Rack-Pinion / Ball-screw


See: Add Rack-Pinion

Use the Rack-Pinion dialog-box to edit parameters for a:

Rack and Pinion and


Open Rack-Pinion dialog-box


Edit the Rack-Pinion:

1.Double-click a Rack-Pinion in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree.

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box  

The Rack-Pinion dialog-box is now open.

Rack-Pinion / Ball-Screw dialog-box

Rack & Pinion dialog-box [With Ball-Screws tab]

Rack & Pinion dialog-box
[With Ball-Screws tab]

There are three tabs in the Rack-Pinion dialog-box. each with one separator.

General  tab

Gear Tooth tab

Ball-screw tab

General tab :

btn_delkeyword Rack and Pinion Parameters 

Gear Tooth tab :

btn_delkeyword  Rack and Pinion Tooth Parameters 

Ball-Screw tab :

btn_delkeyword  Ball Screws Parameters