Dialog: CAD-Line | STL Import tab

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Dialog: CAD-Line | STL Import tab

CAD-Line | STL Import tab

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Before you save the 3D-CAD model as an STL file:

Rotate the 3D-CAD model (in your 3D-CAD) to put its Front-Plane parallel with the XY-Plane of the Mechanism-Editor in MechDesigner.

If you cannot easily rotate the CAD-model in you 3D-CAD as a Part, then

1.Create an assemble, add the Part, and

2.Rotate the Part in the Assembly. Then

3.Save the Assembly as a Part. Not ideal, but a method.

See also : Display Options to move the STL file after you import it, along the X, Y, and Z-axes in MechDesigner.

To reduce the complexity of the STL file, remove fillets (and rounds) and other details that you do not need to see in MechDesigner.

In the dialog to save the CAD model as STL file-type:

Set the STL file-type as Binary

Make a note of the Linear Units

Use STL Import to:

Set the Linear Units to equal those Linear-Units of the original STL file

Import one STL file - it becomes a CAD Solid in MechDesigner

Edit the Edge Limit to remove 'facet lines'.

CAD-Line dialog-box

STL Import tab

Dialog-CADLine-14.3-STL Import-tab

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