Install Type-Libraries

IMPORTANT: MD13 only - MD14 is automatically installs Type Libraries

To communicate with SOLIDWORKS, we install a file which we call the 'Type-Library'. The Type-Library file is different for each SolidWorks release [Solidworks 2017,Solidworks 2018,Solidworks 2019...]

At the time of installation, we load a default Type Library, which may not be correct for your installation of SolidWorks.

Thus, you may need to change the Type Library when you:

Run MechDesigner the first time, or
Install a new release of MechDesigner, or
Install and use a different release of SolidWorks, or
Switch between different releases of SolidWorks

Test for the active Type Library

First, to see which Type Library is installed now , we use the Help menu > About  interface.

Start MechDesigner:

1.Click Help menu > About | Type Library tab

If the correct Type Libraries are installed, the two boxes 'SolidWorks Type Library' & 'Installed Version of SolidWorks' will show the same year and you will see the message 'All good to go'.


If you are 'Not good to go' , you do not have the correct Type-Libraries. You must:

2.Do 'Automatic Installation of Type-Libraries'.

If the 'automatic installation' does not work for you, then

3.Do 'Manual Installation of Type Libraries'.

You can install the necessary Type Library automatically or manually.

Automatic Installation of Type Libraries - recommended

1.In SolidWorks, save at least one Part with the SolidWorks release with which you want to communicate.
2.Make sure you have an internet confection.
3.Right-click the MechDesigner application icon [in the Windows® Start menu or on your desktop] to show a contextual-menu.

In the contextual-menu, even if you think you have Administrator Rights:

4.Click 'Run as Administrator'
'Run as Administrator'.

'Run as Administrator'.

Wait a little longer than usual for MechDesigner to start.

5.Look again in the Help menu > About >Type-Libraries tab to see if you have the correct Type-Libraries are installed.
6.If you do not, 1-4 again, but this time make sure that your Firewall or Virus Checker is not quarantined a file SW_TLB260.bpl.1.
7.If again you do not see the correct Type Library, and your 'not good to go', then do the Manual Installation.

Manual Installation - optional

Occasionally, the SolidWorks Type-Library file cannot be installed automatically. For example, your company policy will not give you Administrator Rights.

In this case, you can use the link below to download the Type-Library file, and then put the file in the installation path manually.

Do all of these steps:

1.Run the SolidWorks release with which you want to communicate
2.Save at least one Part, then exit SolidWorks
3.Exit MechDesigner  exit
4.COPY the Type-Library file that is in your MechDesigner installation.

You need a copy because, if Step 7 fails, you must put the original Type-Library file back into the original path.

The file to copy is, typically : SW_TLB230.bpl.1

For MD10 and earlier, the path is : C:/Program Files(x86)/PSMotion/MD10-PRO64/
For MD11 and later, the path is: C:/Program Files/PSMotion/MDxx-PRO64/SW_TLByyyy*_64/

* : yyyy is the year release of SolidWorks, for example, 2016.

5.Click the link below for the year that is the same as your SOLIDWORKS release and save the ZIP file :
6.Unzip the ZIP file to extract the Type-Library.bpl file
7.Copy and Paste the Type-Library.bpl file you download into the installation path - see step 5
8.Start MechDesigner

If you cannot run MechDesigner:

9.Put the copy of the original Type-Library file back into the installation path - see step 4
10.EMAIL us: sales at psmotion dot com


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