Application-Settings dialog-box

To open:

Application-Settings icon

Edit toolbar > Application Settings icon


Edit menu > Application Settings

Link to Dialog:

Application-Settings dialog-box

See also:

Style/Theme Options, Dark, Light, and Personalisation Styles.

Use the Application-Settings dialog-box to edit:

element sizes

...and many more user settings

tog_minusTo Save, Load and Distribute Application-Settings and Themes

STEP 1: Edit menu > Application Settings > General tab > Style Options...

Edit the Target Theme to be Charcoal Dark Slate or Windows10

If Charcoal Dark Slate is the Target Theme, then ... Click Load button, load the Dark.XML style.

If Windows10 is the Target Theme, then ... Click Load button, load the Light.XML style.

The Dark and Light styles use colours that suit the Charcoal Dark Slate and Windows10 themes, respectively.

STEP 2: Edit menu > Application-Settings again to

Edit colours, icons sizes, text sizes, number format, and all other settings.

When the settings are 'good for you'...

STEP 3: File menu > Exit and , then re-start MechDesigner.

The Theme and Application-Settings save automatically to your MechDesigner.ini file when you exit, and load when you re-start.

Your Theme and Application-Settings should now be your default settings.

To distribute your settings and style to other workstations:

1.In the workstation with the settings you want to distribute: Click the Edit menu > Application-Settings > Save button to save your settings to a style: file-name.XML

Save file-name.XML to this directory <CommonAppData>\PSMotion\Style

2.Distribute the file-name.XML to the other workstations.

Copy file-name.XML to directory <CommonAppData>\PSMotion\Style

3.On the other workstations, in MechDesigner, click the Application-Settings > Load button to load file-name.XML as the new style.
4.Exit and Restart MechDesigner to make sure the new settings and style are applied and saved to MechDesigner.ini


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