Use the 3D-Cam dialog-box to enter parameters for the 3D-Cam.

Open the 3D-Cam dialog-box


STEP 1: Double-click the 3D-Cam in the graphic-area.

The 3D-Cam dialog-box opens [click the image to expand / collapse it].

If the 3D-Cam dialog-box does not open when you double-click the 3D-Cam:

1.Click the 3D-Cam element in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree
2.Right-click the 3D-Cam element in the Selection-Window
3.Click 'Edit...' in the contextual-menu

The 3D-Cam dialog-box will open.

There are seven areas in the 3D-Cam dialog-box:

1.Rebuild / Save Cam
2.Cam Mesh Density
3.Flank Length
6.SOLIDWORKS Data Transfer

tog_minus        A Review of the 3D Cam dialog box

Cam Mesh Density Parameters

See 3D-Cam dialog-box: Cam Mesh Density

Surface Clearances

See 3D-Cam dialog-box: Surface Clearances

Edit the 'Flank Length Control'

See 3D-Cam dialog-box: Flank Length Control

Edit the 'MechDesigner Display'

See 3D-Cam dialog-box: MechDesigner Display

Rebuild and Save 3D-Cam-Data

See 3D-Cam dialog-box: Rebuild and Save buttons

tog_minus        Data Transfer to SOLIDWORKS

STEP 1: Do you have the correct Type-Libraries installed?

Before you can successfully transfer Cam-Data to SOLIDWORKS®, MechDesigner must have the Type-Libraries in its installation directory that match your installation of SOLIDWORKS®.

See Here: MD-Download SOLIDWORKS Type-Library

See 3D-Cam dialog-box: Cam Transfer

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