Why use a Briefcase Function-Block?

See also : Briefcase FB dialog-box

When a model becomes complex, and with many kinematic-chains in each Mechanism-Editor, it becomes more difficult to identify to which kinematic-chain each FB applies.

You can use Briefcase FBs to hide Function-Blocks from the graphic-area
You can use different Briefcase FBs to group sets of Function-Blocks.
You can name the Briefcase FB to help you predict which FBs are 'inside' the Briefcase.
You can select and edit each Function-Block directly, from inside the Briefcase FB
You can rename each FBs directly, from inside the Briefcase FB
You can put a Briefcase FB 'inside' another Briefcase FB, also.
If you have good naming convention for your FBs, then a Briefcase FB is a good way to help you maintain your model.

Add Briefcase FB

Toolbar :

Modelling FB toolbar

Add Briefcase FB

Briefcase FB

Menu :

Add menu > Add Briefcase FB


STEP 1: Add a Briefcase FB to the graphic-area:

1.Click Modelling FB menu > Add Briefcase FB
2.Click the graphic-area.

The Briefcase FB is now in the graphic-area.

STEP 2: Open the Briefcase FB dialog-box

1.Double-click the Briefcase FB in the graphic-area or Assembly-Tree

- or -

See How to Open a Dialog-box



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