Kinematic FB | Add Cam-Data FB

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Kinematic FB | Add Cam-Data FB

Cam-Data FB

When you link a Cam-Data FB with a 2D-Cam you can get:

Cam-Coordinates in different formats

Cam-Analysis Data at its five output-connectors - See Cam-Analysis Parameters below.

2D-Cams have a number of elements, function-blocks, and dialog-boxes that relate to each other.

hmtoggle_plus12D-Cam : Related Elements and Actions

STEP 2B: Add Cam-Data Function-Block (FB)

Toolbar :

Kinematics FB toolbar > Add Cam-Data FB

Add CamData FB

Cam-Data FB

Menu :

Add menu > Add Cam-Data FB

What for :

To analyze a 2D-cam - see below Cam Analysis

To calculate the coordinates of a 2D-cam

See also: Add 2D-Cam

Cam-Data FB in Graphic-Area

Cam-Data FB in Graphic-Area

STEP 1: Add the Cam-Data FB to the graphic area

1.Click Kinematics Function-Block toolbar > Add Cam-Data FB

2.Click in the graphic-area

The Cam-Data FB is now in the graphic-area - see left.

Double-click FB to open the dialog-box

STEP 2: Edit the Cam-Data FB to open the Cam-Coordinates dialog-box

1.Double-click the Cam-Data FB to open the Cam-Coordinates dialog-box

- or -

1.See How to open a Dialog-Box

Cam-Coordinates dialog-box opens immediately.

You must now select a 2D-Cam to link it to the Cam-Data FB.

tog_minusCam Analysis Parameters
tog_minusCam Contact-Force / Contact-Stress